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Dr. Chapel                                    Sub-Level 4

Obscure Claws

Leaping Crane

Past Teaching

Body Alignment Drill

Leap of Death

Past Teach pt 2

Structural Integrity

Completing the Circuit

Delayed Sword (from DVD)

Sword of Destruction (from DVD)

Grasp of Death (from DVD)

Thrusting Salute (from DVD)

Captured Twigs (from DVD)

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What Is This  About?
Ed Parker's Sophisticated Basics
Updated July 11, 2005
Steve Sanders (Muhammad)
Dynamic Kenpo
JT Will's old Kenpo series that was on television  circa 1980
Skip Hancock's "With" video
Additional Movies Available
At the Movies - Forum Link

American Kenpo at Madison Square Garden

Dr. Chapel knocking out a big guy at a   Vegas Camp (1997)
1991 WKKA Official Instructors Camp Video
Steve Spry's
Brown Belt tape
John LaTourrette
The Speed Man
Sean Kelly
Purple Belt tape
Lee Wedlake
Blue Belt Tape
David Ceniceros
Reviewing EPAK System
Kenny Gonzalez - Kali Kenpo

Heart of Art Tourney - Angela M, Cliff S, RM Robertson

Tim Bulot - Intermediate Grafting

Wes Idol - Black Belt Video Mag - Issue 11 (circa 1998)

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